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Are you searching for the best EMF protection secrets? 

I’m about to tell you the best secret I’ve discovered….

As you know, electromagnetic frequencies are everywhere nowadays. 
And we’ve heard all kinds of scare stories… right? 

Things like…

Cell phones can cause brain tumors.  Living near cell towers or
overhead power lines wreaks havoc on your health… even causing

Just being in front of your computer monitor damages your health!

I understand your concern!  People like you and me want to know how to
protect ourselves.  We need to protect our families and even our pets
from these EMF dangers.   But….

Has your research up until now left you confused and frustrated?

I’m not surprised.  I’ve felt the same way! 

My own EMF research revealed some scary facts I wasn’t aware of. 

But the “remedies” that were suggested were totally impractical in most
cases!  Some  of the “solutions” would be quite expensive, too.   

Other ideas were soooooo outlandish!  At least I got a good laugh.  

My favorite:  
    Don’t allow children under 16 to use a mobile phone.  (Yeah, right!)


non-electric alarm clock

non-electric alarm clock

I was appalled.

It’s like they expect us to avoid EMF radiation …

by not living in the 21st century!


Yet the facts about EMF radiation are definitely alarming

Did you know………?

          (Most of these were new to me)

    • A cell phone’s impulses can disable the brain’s barrier that shields
      the brain from poisons in the blood.  And it happens after only 2 minutes
      of cell phone use.


    •  The brains of young children are 75% more susceptible to
      radiation damage from EMF waves than adults’


    • We can take a cue from the instincts of wild animals.  Large mammals
      avoid spending time near overhead power lines.


    • You shouldn’t use your cell phone in a car because the metal car
      frame amplifies electromagnetic radiation and affects all passengers,
      even those not using the cell phone.


    • The base of your cordless phone emits high levels of EMR 24 hours
      a day, even when it’s not in use.


    • Don’t carry a cell phone on your belt or hip pocket for any length of time.   
      Two reasons:
      1.  The hip area produces 80% of the body’s red blood cells.  This
      function is especially vulnerable to EMF damage.
      2.  Close proximity of a cell phone to the pelvis can also affect fertility.


    • Bluetooth headsets create a greater risk from concentrated
      microwave frequencies because the EMF waves are aimed directly
      into the ear canal,
      and toward your brain.


    • Microwave ovens heat the food by radiation, which “deranges” the
      of food and water so our bodies have trouble recognizing
      and using them.


    • Fluorescent light bulbs and their ballasts emit much higher levels
      of EMFs
      than regular  incandescent light bulbs.


So what can we do to protect ourselves?

[highlight]Out of all the suggested “solutions” I found, the only ones that really made
involved wearing  an EMF protection device of some sort. 

Here’s why………

[/highlight]The other “useful” suggestions included:

1. Find your electrical circuit breaker box, where the wires come into your
home.  Then move your bed/sofa/desk away from that part of your home.  This
will cut down on how much EMF radiation you receive.

2. Don’t sleep on metal.  Get rid of box springs, and don’t use an innerspring
mattress.  A foam or fiber-filled futon mattress is ideal.

3. Remove all electronics from your bedroom, or at least unplug them at night. 
Don’t sleep with any electric clocks, radios, etc. near your head.

4. Choose a home that’s far away from overhead power lines.  Live at least one
kilometer away from powerlines.

5. Get rid of your microwave oven. 

6. Use full spectrum incandescent bulbs instead of fluorescent bulbs and ballasts.

7. Use a 15cm Tachyon disk on your computer screen and TV screen to protect
against EMF radiation.

8. Find a product to protect  from cell phone & cordless telephone EMF emissions.

9. Buy only high quality electrical appliances & gadgets because their superior
construction makes a difference in how much “distorted EMF energy” you absorb.

10. Don’t let your child under 16 years old use a mobile phone.  Replace cordless
phones with corded phones throughout your home.

11. Limit cell phone use to under 2 minutes.  Don’t sleep with a cell phone near
your head.

12. Use speaker phone so your cell phone is not next to your head. Or use an air
tube headset (not a corded headset, because the wires will carry the EMF waves).

13. Don’t carry a cell phone on your hip.  (We already talked about the red blood
cells & fertility issues above.)

14. Don’t use a cell phone inside a car because metal amplifies EMF and affects
all people in the car.  One source referred to this effect as turning the car into a 
“radiation cage”.

15. Limit cell phone use if you’re pregnant or near pregnant people.  Also avoid
ultrasound and electronic fetal monitoring unless absolutely necessary.


Think about this…   And I’m sure you’ll agree…… 

[highlight]You and I have a lifestyle that just doesn’t allow us to use those suggestions
We can’t move to the wilderness and get rid of modern technology, and besides…
we don’t even want to. [/highlight] [highlight]We don’t have the time or money to get umpteen different gadgets, either. [/highlight] (I discovered several sites with lots of electromagnetic field shielding gizmos to
choose from.) 

It’s overwhelming!  Take a look at this:

  • There are EMF protection devices to put on your cell phone, your
    TV or computer monitor, or to protect a whole room of your home. 
  • You can get EMF reducing headphones.
  • You can shield your microwave oven….  or your pocket. 
  • You can purchase low EMF appliances
  • And don’t forget to get some EMF meters and EMF detectors while
    you’re at it!

There are also several personal EMF protection items that you wear on
your body
.  These include a shielded cap and several pendants or bracelets.

Now I want you to think about something….

If you and I can wear a personal EMF protection device to “ward off the
evil” of EMF radiation all around us, why would we need any additional devices
around our home? 

Also, if we can wear a device while we sleep, why would we need to worry
about having our digital clock radio beside the head of the bed?

[highlight]And here’s another important thing I just thought of: [/highlight]  

[highlight]Even if you and I could “fix” everything inside our home, we don’t stay inside
our home 100% of the time!
[/highlight] [highlight]But ….[/highlight]

[highlight]…. a personal EMF protection device will shield us everywhere we go.[/highlight] 

Doesn’t this make sense?  The obviously best answer to the EMF protection
dilemma is to wear the protection

You can put a wrist band or pendant on every member of the family,
and you’re all set! 

You and I will have protected our families, no matter where we go and no
matter what EMF radiation levels we get exposed to, 24 hours a day.

So which one do you choose?

My favorite – the one I discovered and use myself  – is the Bionic Band. 

It’s a simple wrist strap imprinted with a specific frequency that overrides
all other incoming frequencies.  This gives an immediate increase in balance,
stability and strength
to the person wearing it.

If you prefer an attractive bracelet or pendant, Bionic Band makes those, too.

[highlight]And get this…..  [/highlight]           

Dog With His Leash

BionicAnimal Band

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * 

[highlight]There’s even a BionicAnimal Band that attaches to [/highlight]
[highlight]your pet’s collar!  Now you can protect the furry members [/highlight]
[highlight]of your family, too.[/highlight]

 *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * 

Warning Don’t wait another day without EMF protection for you and
your loved ones!  
Take care of this right now while you’re thinking about it.

Read my review of the Bionic Band (Click Here) to see what my own
Bionic Band has done for me.  Then just follow the link from that page to the
official Bionic Band website.

By the way, there’s nothing wrong with the 15 suggestions listed above. 
Some of them might work for you… 

You can implement any of them that appeal to you, in addition to having
everyone wearing the Bionic Bands. 

I would especially encourage you to use your microwave oven a
lot less
, because of how the food’s chemistry is changed by the microwaves. 
This is one issue that can’t be fixed by any EMF protection device.

But, whatever else you do, be sure to check out the Bionic Band right away.

It’s absolutely the simplest solution to effective, affordable EMF protection
for your entire family… including your beloved pets.


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