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About Stay Healthy For Life


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Hi… my name is Arline Oliphint.  This website is a result of my intense desire to see people experience health and wholeness, and have a fulfilling life. 

If you are in pain…
whether emotional or physical…
I want to help you become pain-free. 

Ask anyone who knows me…. they’ll tell you I have this built-in motivation that just compels me to offer helpful health tips to my friends, and sometimes even to people I’ve just met. 

It’s like an automatic reflex.  If I see your need, and I have information that can help you, I just tend to bubble out with it. 

(Yes, read between the lines here…  sometimes I can be quite annoying!  I’ve had to learn some self-control, too.  That’s part of growing as a person… and I’m still growing.  Trust me.) 

I guess I just care about people too much to let them keep hurting. 

I care about helping people learn the truth about simple health and wellness secrets

That’s why I’m putting together this website.  This site is a place where I can publish what I have discovered about health.  People I care about can come here to learn about dealing with their health issues, their physical or emotional pain, or how to just stay healthy in the first place. 

And best of all, I won’t need to push the information on anyone!  (Meaning….. I can stop being annoying.  And that’s a good thing.) 

The health tips will be here whenever you want to read them.  My job – and my JOY – is to make the knowledge available. 

It’s your choice if and when you make use of it in your own life. 

There are so many simple, basic health habits for improving your overall well-being and resistance to disease.  But because they are simple, they are often overlooked. 

And because these methods don’t make doctors or drug companies rich… well, you get the picture.  Nobody is pointing them out to you on a regular basis. 

There’s no TV commercial about the virtues of drinking more water… right?  [Wrong… ]   Update, May 2, 2009: I actually saw one tonight.  Some bottled water company is now telling us all the percentages of how much water we have in the various parts of our bodies, and how important it is to drink water.

My background… I’m self-taught, having always been interested in simple home remedies and alternative health methods. 

As a kid I read my Dad’s copy of  Vermont Folk Medicine (by Dr. Jarvis) and learned things like using honey and apple cider vinegar.  We also had Prevention magazines in our home.

Real life has been my classroom.  My knowledge has come from many sources… library books, health publications, knowledgeable people I’ve met. 

See, my brain is like a thirsty sponge when it comes to absorbing useful tidbits of info.  And hanging onto them.  Pretty much forever!

For example, many years ago I read a true story about a child whose leg was badly gashed in some type of home accident.  He was bleeding profusely, and the mother was frantically calling paramedics.  

Meanwhile, a lady who was visiting quickly grabbed a bag of sugar and poured some over the open gash.  This caused the blood to coagulate around the sugar crystals.  Of course, the child still needed medical attention.  But the sugar helped prevent excessive blood loss in those critical first minutes.

Now, I’ve never done any research about this.  I have not verified that it’s a valid method.  But this is just an example of how my brain works, automatically storing away tidbits of “useful” info in case I ever need to use the knowledge.  This is especially true with health related information.

So enjoy this site!  I have lots of things to tell you already, as soon as I can get them written.  Keep checking back to see more. 

Plus, I’ll be researching new subjects and posting about what I learn.  For example:

  • Some of my friends are having migraines, so I’ll see what I can find out about possible causes. 
  • Another friend has Lupus, which I currently know nothing about.  I want to learn more.
  • Osteoporosis is something I want to check into preventing and reversing.  (Yes, I’m pretty sure it can be reversed, or at least stopped from getting any worse.)

The wealth of life-changing information found here will continue to grow, because I never stop learning new things.  I’ll add to the site content  just as fast as I can.  Trust me.   Because…

I want  YOU  to be healthy and whole!


FTC regulations require me to disclose to you that I will be paid a commission if you purchase certain products I tell you about on this website.  Please be assured, however, that I will never endorse products just to make money!  It is my desire to only tell you about nutritional substances, health-supporting devices and informational ebooks that I firmly believe in. 

Truth is my goal.  I sincerely want you to be healthy and whole, in body, soul and spirit.  In pursuit of that goal, I will recommend many things that I do not get paid to tell you about… such as drinking adequate amounts of water. 

I will also tell you about products that (in my opinion) can help you.  In some cases, I may be an affiliate (representative) for the company that sells the product, and may be compensated for any purchase that you choose to make.


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