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A Christian Perspective on Healing Devices

A Christian Perspective on Healing Devices

by Arline on July 23, 2013

My precious Christian friend Vicki recently questioned my blog post
about Grounding Technology.  She questioned why we would need a
gadget to help facilitate healing. 

So this blog post is my response to her concerns….. and to the valid
concerns of many Christians who don’t want to be led astray by
anything that is a counterfeit to God’s true power.

Vicki said “The Lord Jesus the Christ is the only healer, and
machines, CD’s, and false light to replace the One
True Light is plain
wrong. WE need to look to the one who
died for our sins and our health,
as “by His stripes we were
healed”, not some “Christian” selling one or
many gadgets
that are false healing money pits. Why don’t we ask the

Lord to fix all our problems? Isn’t that His job??”

My response:

Yes, we DO look to Jesus as the only healer.  He was and still is a
miracle worker!  However, I believe you’ll also agree that God has
created our bodies to heal themselves, given the ideal conditions.  For
example, when we break a bone, the doctor may put a cast on the
limb… but the internal mechanisms of the body do the actual healing.

Also, to say that it’s is the Lord’s “job” to fix all our problems…
well, yes
and no.  That statement isn’t 100% correct, in my
I know that sounds shocking, but please let me explain what
I mean.

You see, God has established certain principles, and we need to live in
harmony with them for best results.  God expects us to use wisdom, in
addition to trusting him.

Please consider some scenarios that illustrate what I mean:

– A foolish person spends all his money without any type of planning or
budgeting…… and then expects God to fix his problem when he
constantly runs out of funds.

– A foolish person eats a diet heavy in fast foods, desserts, pasta, big
meals, sugary drinks and late-night snacks………. and then expects God
to fix his overweight problem and his diabetes while he sits on the
couch watching TV.

– A foolish person ignores the law of gravity, deliberately steps off the
edge of a cliff, and expects God to send angels to hold him up because
it’s their “job” to protect him.

These might be extreme, but I hope they illustrate the point.  Also
remember that Jesus often asks people to be a part of the
He told his disciples to give the 5,000 people something to
eat.  He told the fishermen to cast the net on the other side of the
boat.  He told the blind man to go wash his eyes in the Pool of Siloam. 
There was a sort of partnership between God doing his part and people
doing their part.

You also mentioned light.  Let’s think about light for a minute. 
Physical light is not “false” light, and is not a substitute for the One True
Light (Jesus).  God created physical or natural light and said it was good,
right?  The spiritual light already existed.  One light does not replace the
other; they both exist, but in two different realms.  Does that make

Natural light does many important things.  Plants cannot live without
light.  Many functions of the human body depend on light, as well as the
energy from light that is stored in the cells of the plants that we eat. 
There is nothing wrong with using light bulbs in our homes.  Scientists
have invented lasers that can do many things including healing… and
that’s all done by natural laws.

Now some thoughts about gadgets:  God gives “witty inventions”
as well as wisdom about eating properly, getting enough sleep, and so
on.  We use gadgets of all types to make life work better.  We use
blankets to keep us warm.  We use air conditioners to cool our homes. 
Most of us use alarm clocks.  We could just ask the Lord to wake us up
every day, but there’s nothing wrong with using an alarm clock as a
tool.  We don’t accuse the clock makers of just trying to get our money
with something false, right?

Well, I hope these thoughts help.  I believe God wants us to have much
revelation and understanding of the laws he has put in place, both
spiritual laws and natural laws.  The universe works on many natural
laws including the law of gravity.  God gives us wisdom about
interacting with our natural environment in our natural body.

Oh… by the way….  our natural environment has been CHANGED by a
lot of the technology.  In days of old, our bodies would have
automatically been “grounded” to the frequency of the earth. 
(Everything has a frequency.  That’s not “new age” teaching, that’s
scientific fact.)  We were made from the dust of the earth, from the
same substance as the earth, so it makes sense that we were created
with the same frequency as the planet itself (approximately 7.9 hz,
as I recall).

But nowadays, about a zillion electronic devices in our environment
are constantly emitting various different frequencies that pass through
our body.  The result is, the protons of the atoms in our cells can’t stay
in sync with each other and communicate well with each other, the way
God intended.  When our cells can’t communicate well, the body
processes get messed up, causing a whole range of problems from
mental fog to fatigue to physical illnesses. 

That’s why I’m excited about Bionic Bands, because just by wearing one,
your cells are immediately back in sync with each other, vibrating at just
ONE frequency.  This allows your body to again function the way God
created it to do.  Other factors such as diet and lifestyle also have an
impact, of course, but at least you are getting a headstart on a healthier


Learn more by going to the EMF Protection page in the top navigation
menu.  You can also find the original post in the July 2012 archives: 

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Through God


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