Fit and Healthy 111-Year-Old!

by Arline on October 4, 2012

I met Bernando LaPallo at his 109th birthday celebration
two years ago.  He was to be the featured speaker at
this event. 

My friend Mary had told me about Bernando, so I was
expecting to see an elderly man propped up in an
easy chair.  But no! 

We entered the room and Mary pointed him out.
[“Him???” I thought to myself.]  

Bernando was standing at a counter conversing with
people who had come for the potluck.  He wasn’t even
sitting down! 

Forget that mental image of an old man propped up with
pillows.  This amazing man didn’t appear to be over 70
years of age!  In fact, I think he could have passed for 60.
(What do you think?  Here’s a picture I took that day.
Bernando is the gentleman in the suit.)

Bernando LaPallo

When everyone had arrived, Bernando told us some of
his secrets for longevity.  They were pretty simple,
really… things like using honey and other old-fashioned
foods like in Bible days. 

That was two years ago.  But Bernando is STILL going
strong at age 111.  My friend Mary was there to sing
“Happy Birthday” to him again… at a restaurant this time.

She reports that he again gave his number one advice
for a long and healthy life: “Keep your colon clean.”

And the news reporters were there, too!  Here is a link to
watch the news story done by local Phoenix abc Channel 15:

Valley man celebrating 111th birthday reveals his
secrets to longevity

Bernando LaPallo is living proof that you CAN be young
and healthy for many, many years when you learn how
to care properly for your body.

By the way, he wrote a book titled Age Less, Live More.
It’s available at Amazon.  (You can see the book cover in
the sidebar on this page.)

Until next time….

Be blessed! Live long, and prosper!

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1 Kim Nesbitt October 4, 2012 at 8:22 pm

Wow! That is amazing. It really does matter what you eat.


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