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Quantum Physicist Learns “Grounding” Technology Through God

Quantum Physicist Learns “Grounding” Technology Through God

by Arline on July 5, 2012

Scientist is shown benefits of “Grounding”

 … which is the same principle found in the Bionic Band

 I just want to share a video with you that I came across
yesterday.  Dr. David Van Koevering is a Quantum
Physicist, Scientist, and Inventor who, over a period of his
life, his heart stopped twelve times.  During the last one,
he actually crossed over, and God revealed some things to
him that he was seeking answers to.

One of those answers was the idea that if a person
“grounds” themselves (maintains the same frequency as
we are naturally supposed to have, from the earth), that
our bodies can overcome sickness and disease. 

Based on this revelation, Dr. Van Koevering recently went
on to develop a grounding strap that is attached to the
wrist. (His heart is completely healed, by the way, which
confounds his doctors).

His device needs to be plugged into a wall outlet.  But we
have something even better!  Our Bionic Band technology,
which also grounds us to the earth’s frequency using a
wrist strap, allows us to go anywhere!!  (You can read
more about the Bionic Band and Bionic Family of products
in my previous blog post, and in my Bionic Band Review.)

You can watch the video about Dr. Van Koevering at

Until next time.... be blessed!

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1 Arline July 5, 2012 at 11:59 am

In the video, Dr. Van Koevering explains the “grounding strap” he devised, and what it does. I like how he describes the right and wrong frequencies and how they affect our bodies. Here’s his explanation from the video interview:

“The grounding strap, I’ve now attached to a box that we plug into a wall. (Test the wall first to make sure the socket is grounded.) Plug it into the wall, put the strap on … and it grounds your body. And if your body is grounded, … well, we could say: wrong frequencies, disease and sickness; right frequencies, wellness and health.

“So we get people grounded to the frequencies that would be natural to the body, and get rid of the static that comes in from cell phones, microwaves, transformers, certain kinds of lighting (halogen lighting, etc.) … and there are thousands of these out there now! And we’re finding that by grounding people, nervous disorders and things that are frequency-related go away.

“So, in other words, if your car runs out of gas, don’t change the tires. You’ve got a gas problem. Well, if you’ve got a frequency problem, fix the frequency problem; don’t throw drugs at it.

“Now, I’m not mad at doctors. But the point is, if the body needs to be grounded, wellness can be restored, and certain difficulties can be resolved when alignment is restored.”

What excites me is, he is verifying what we’ve already been told about EMF frequencies being harmful. But what excites me even more is that I don’t need a device that plugs into a wall, because I can wear a Bionic Band 24/7 and go anywhere, and be grounded to the natural frequency of the earth 100% of the time!


2 Vicki Lacy June 28, 2013 at 10:27 pm

The Lord showed me that Mr. Van Koeverings products were witchcraft, and to dispose of them. The Lord Jesus the Christ is the only healer, and having machines, CD’s, and false light to replace the One True Light is plain wrong. WE need to look to the one who died for our sins and our health, as “by His stripes we were healed”, not some “Christian” selling one or many gadgets that are false healing money pits. Why don’t we ask the Lord to fix all our problems? Isn’t that His job?? 🙂


3 Arline July 23, 2013 at 2:52 pm

Oh, Wow, Vicki…… where do I begin? First, let me say that I understand your reasoning. And yes, we DO look to Jesus as the healer. Your comment deserves a thorough answer, and I have MUCH to say about this. And I’m sure there are many others who are thinking the same way you are. So I’m writing an entire blog post to address your very understandable concerns. (Sorry it took so long to approve your comment and reply to it. I was on vacation for a couple of weeks starting June 29th, then getting caught up with things once I got back.)


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