4 Bionic Band Frequencies Improve Your Life

by Arline on November 7, 2011

Have you seen my EMF Protection page? If so, you’re probably aware that I’m a distributor of Bionic Bands. These wrist bands (and jewelry items) are imprinted with a frequency that resets the frequency of our body.  This makes the entire body resonates at ONE single frequency instead of picking up the dozens of  different electromagnetic frequencies all around us.  The result… your body can now function better on every level because the cells are able to communicate and work in harmony.

Bionic Bands are now available in four different frequencies. People often ask me about the various frequencies, and want to know what benefits each frequency provides.

Here is an overview of the four Bionic Band frequencies:

Bionic Band Original Bionic Band Original

Original – For General Wellness:

This frequency is the same as the frequency of the Earth, which is also the frequency our bodies should be at much of the time. It can be worn 24 hours a day for general wellness and EMF protection. When worn during sleep, it produces a lot of REM sleep (dreaming), and may actually help you sleep better (in my own experience).

Before the bands with the other frequencies were developed, I wore my Original band all the time except when showering. I had very good results with balance, stamina, mental focus, pain relief, and restful sleep. I still wear at least one band at all times, except in the shower.

Bionic Edge Band Bionic Edge Band

Edge – For Concentration and Mental Focus:

This frequency is slightly higher than the Original frequency. It provides the same strength, balance, energy, and pain relief as the Bionic Band Original line of products, along with that extra “edge” (mental focus) and also muscle memory during sports and other activites that require focus, such as archery, golf, shooting sports, math, chess, badminton and horseback riding.

Note: The Bionic Kids bands have the Edge frequency.

Bionic Sport Band Bionic Sport Band

Sport – For Increased Energy During Physical Activity :

The Sport frequency provides  balance, plus a large amount of energy and endurance. It is useful to wear during physically demanding activities, but should not be worn all the time. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to sleep with it on.

Also, if you were to wear it every day for increased energy, it starts to become your “new norm”.  It loses it’s effectiveness because your body gets used to the higher frequency.  I was doing this for a while, and I think it was actually making me feel tired because the body isn’t designed to operate at this high of a frequency all the time.

It seems we might tend to overdo it sometimes and wear ourselves out without realizing it. My friend Marshall Green shared his own experience the first time he wore a Sport band while doing yard work. He worked 6 hours (in the heat, in Phoenix!) and felt great. But when he got done and took off the band, he practically collapsed.

We were told that it’s good to “reset” your body sometimes and wear only the Original frequency for a few days. This prevents the effect of the higher frequency becoming your “new norm”.  I did this, and soon my normal energy levels came back.  Now I only wear the Sport band every once in a while.

You should just wear the sport band for when you really need the extra boost, like when you’re tired, or when doing extra physical exertion. Some golfers, for example, have found it gives them too much energy for doing short putts, but it’s good to wear the sport band for driving the ball a long distance. (The caddy wears a sport band so he can walk all 18 holes without getting tired!)

I like to wear my Sport Band (along with my Original Band) if I’m shopping and doing errands, which includes a lot of walking and carrying things. It’s also great for the extra energy needed to keep up with the grandchildren for a few hours!

Bionic Sleep Band Bionic Sleep Band

Sleep – For Deep, Restorative Sleep:

The Sleep Band resonates at a very low frequency which matches the brain waves of someone experiencing deep, restful sleep.  It works even better than the Original frequency for promoting better sleep.  The Original frequency encourages REM sleep (dreaming), which helps our brains process data.  The Sleep frequency, on the other hand, promotes longer periods of non-REM sleep, which is very restorative to the body.  The Sleep frequency is not designed to make you fall asleep, but it relaxes you and helps you fall asleep.

Sleep Band Tips and Facts:

  • Take off any other bands and wear only the Bionic Sleep band at night.
  • Put it on about 20 minutes before you want to fall asleep for best results.
  • The soft, stretch terry cloth band is washable (probably best to wash by hand).
  • The metallic thread holds the frequency.
  • If you have several bands with different frequencies, keep your Sleep band in a different location (at least several feet away from the others). When stored or shipped together, the sleep band will temporarily pick up the higher frequency from another band.
  • If you feel groggy when you wake up, you can wake up faster by drinking a glass of water with Bionic Fusion in it. (It’s listed under “Supplements”.) You will also (obviously) remove the sleep band and put your normal band back on when you wake up.
  • I have personally never felt groggy, and occasionally even forget to remove the sleep band until I’ve been up for 15-20 minutes. But then, I‘m a morning person. I have also dozed off while wearing a Sport band at times, when it is near my bedtime. So you can see, these frequencies don‘t affect us the same way drugs do! They just work in harmony with our body.

Blended Frequencies?

Maybe you noticed…  I mentioned wearing both the Sport band and my Original band at the same time.   That’s the way I’ve always done it, because I had always worn my Original band 24/7  (back when that was the only frequency available). 

Then when the Sport band was introduced, I would place it on my other wrist whenever I went shopping , cleaned house, or just  needed extra physical energy… but I didn’t remove the regular band.  So I have never actually tried wearing just the Sport band by itself.  (That’s an experiment I need to do some time, I guess.)

Anyway, I once asked company CEO Dan Fadden about wearing more than one frequency at the same time… is there any harm? Does it reduce effectiveness? He said that (except for the Sleep frequency) it is perfectly okay to wear my Original band at the same time as either the Edge or the Sport band. He explained that what happens is, the frequencies are in harmony with each other, almost like combining musical notes that blend together in pleasing sounds (chords/harmony) instead of clashing in discord. So when wearing two frequencies, there is a blending of both, which is perfectly harmless.

By the way, ALL the frequencies protect you against EMF pollution because they all reset your entire body to one single frequency.  You’re probably somewhat familiar with the notion that EMF radiation can harm you… but maybe you don’t know why or how this happens.  Here’s the explanation as given on the Bionic Band’s website:

EMF radiation interferes with our body’s cellular communication. It hinders balance, energy and strength, and can cause serious ailments over a long period of time. Scientists have only just begun to research the effects of EMF radiation on the human body.

The science used to develop the technology behind BionicBand® is based on, and actually supports, Albert Einstein’s Nobel Prize-winning particle theory (based on Brownian Motion). Einstein theorized that the random movement of microscopic particles is caused by collisions with molecules that have become excited or agitated and disrupt the particles’ naturally ordered pattern. This theory explains how EMF radiation coming from cell phones disrupts our body’s natural molecular pattern.

Several new, independent research studies warn that exposure to EMF radiation generated by cell phone use can cause brain cancer and other serious health risks. As told, about 60 percent of cell phone radiation is absorbed by the user’s head.

In 1985 there were less than a half-million cell phones in use. Now, there are more than 5 billion cell phones in use worldwide. Since the effects of EMF radiation occur from prolonged exposure, the resulting consequences on humans are just beginning to be understood.

Now that you know the purposes of the different frequencies, which ones will you take advantage of? 

Obviously, if you can only get one band to start out with, I would recommend the Original frequency.  This frequency is available in the traditional twill & velcro band, and also a couple of woven leather bracelet varieties, as well as jewelry items. 

You can learn all about the different choices, including the BionicKids Bands, the Bionic Animal Band (for your pets)… and also HOW the technology works, on my Bionic Band website

I would encourage you to start protecting your entire family right away.  Here’s to your better health!

Until next time.... be blessed!

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