Grief Hurts… Learn a Technique To Help Heal Grief

by Arline on July 14, 2010

I just listened to a really helpful discussion about grief last night – what it is, and how to process it successfully. We all go through grief multiple times, and it’s not only when someone dies. Other events can trigger grief, too.

Are you grieving?  Chances are, you’re in some phase of processing grief right now… even if you don’t realize it.

That’s why I’m strongly encouraging you to block out some time where you can listen to this audio recording. It’s also useful in helping you know how to be supportive when others you care about are experiencing grief.

Maybe you’ve heard about “Tapping” as a tool for helping us deal with troubling emotions. Also called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Meridian Tapping is endorsed by respected health professionals including Dr. Mercola.

I’m pretty new to this myself, and I don’t know all the “right” words to explain it to you off the top of my head….. so I’m just going to post this without any further explanation because I want to get this message into your hands quickly.

Use the link below, and go to the July 13th post on The Tapping Solution’s blog to hear the 52 minute interview about Grief. It gives tremendous insight into the whole topic of grief and how to process it yourself, and also how to relate to other people who are grieving.

Jessica Ortner (of the Tapping Solution) is interviewing tapping expert Carol Look. I was really blessed by Carol’s compassionate and balanced approach to grief, both as a counselor and as a person who experienced two profound personal losses herself within a very short time span surrounding the “9-11” tragedy… another profound loss which we all experienced.

Even if you don’t understand the tapping part of this yet, it is SOOO worth your time to listen to the insightful, compassionate discussion of grief and the grieving process!

The Tapping Solution Blog

This recording ministered to me on several levels. Listening to it last night was was an emotional experience for me at some points, as I recognized many issues I could relate to. I’ve been widowed just over two years, after 36+ years of marriage, and I’m still adjusting to my life without Tom.

Many people made heart-warming comments on the Tapping Solutions blog, and I read through some of them this morning. Some people were sharing their own pain and telling how the interview ministered to them.

Here’s one comment that sums up the value of the recording:

“Thank you for making this discussion on grief and grieving freely available. It is something that touches all of us. I feel the most important part is to allow it to be. I didnt feel it was ok to allow these feelings to be. So it is such a blessing when someone says it is ok, go with it, allow it to be – whether its days, weeks, months or years after the loss. This message touching the hearts who hear it, will in turn touch the hearts of those around them. So Thank you again.”

Here’s the link to the Tapping Solution blog again. Listen to the recording (in the July 13th post). You can even download the MP3 of it if you want to hear it again at your own convenience.

The Tapping Solution Blog

Until next time….
Take care, and God bless!


P.S. – If you want to learn “How To Tap” (either before or after hearing the recorded interview), select “More Tapping Resources” on the left sidebar of the Tapping Solution blog after you click that link above.

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